Jordie wins top netball honour | PHOTOS

Broughton-Mundoora's Jordie Harrison was crowned Northern Areas Netball Association's top player for the year.

The main award was hotly contested by several of the big names in the association but it was the Eagles' Harrison who took out top A Grade honours polling 35 votes ahead of Crystal Brook's Carla Hook on 20 votes.

At the association's presentation dinner held at Crystal Brook, other honours were handed out.

Susan Kirk from Crystal Brook Netball Club was bestowed a life membership of NANA.

Kirk, who has previously served as association president, has dedicated her time at an association level across 20 years in various roles.

She was joined by family to celebrate the special honour.

The Flinders News' editor, Dylan Smith, presented the Volunteer of the Year award, sponsored by the newspaper, to BMW's Angela Peacock who was honoured for her work within her club and the association.


A Grade and Northern Argus medallist: Jordie Harrison Broughton-Mundoora 35, runner-up Carla Hook Crystal Brook 20

B Grade: Carina Casey Jamestown-Peterborough 20, runner-up Laura Kirchner Orroroo 17

C Grade: Jessica Robinson Jamestown-Peterborough 25, runner-up Olivia Pilkington Crystal Brook 21

D Grade: Kate Case Orroroo 23, runner-up Paige Young Crystal Brook 21

E Grade: Sophie Burt Broughton-Mundoora 17, runner-up Mel Katzorke Crystal Brook 16

F Grade: Bridie Perriman BM 27, joint runner-up Nicole Hughes Orroroo and Carly Rees Crystal Brook 17

G Grade: Adele O'Dea Jamestown-Peterborough 22, runner-up Jessica Williams Jamestown-Peterborough 18

H Grade: Tayla Sismey BMW 29, runner-up Mia Arthur Southern Flinders 23

I Grade: Asia Brand Southern Flinders 27, runner-up Jemma Kelly Crystal Brook 20

J Grade: Lucas Gulin Crystal Brook 24, runner-up Lucy Carkle Jamestown-Peterborough 16

Flinders News Volunteer of the Year: Angela Peacock

Plains Producer Team of the Year: GOALS - Jordie Harrison Broughton-Mundoora, Alison Henderson Southern Flinders, Rebekah Rasheed Orroroo. MIDCOURT - Jordy McCallum Broughton-Mundoora, Carla Hook Crystal Brook, Naomi Henderson Southern Flinders, Gabby Dennis Crystal Brook. DEFENCE - Renae Kretschmer Southern Flinders, Regina Farr Jamestown-Peterborough, Carly Barnes Broughton-Mundoora.

Most Junior Votes: Tayla Sismey BMW 29

Most Senior Votes: Jordie Harrison BM 35