Tractor Trekkers visit kindy kids

Seventeen Tractor Trekkers, members of the Harry Ferguson Tractor Club, came from all over Australia - WA, Tasmania, SA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland - to tour on their Ferguson Tractors, basically through the Flinders Ranges of South Australia.

Harry the Fergie Bear made the trip with Alan Carpenter from Bairnsdale in Victoria.

Harry was rescued form the roadside in a very sad state some treks ago, missing some body parts, but was fully restored after a visit to the bears hospital.

He took time out from his fiddle back Red Gum rocker to make the trek.

Organisers Ken and Judy Vorwerk reported that the trekkers gather every other year to tour some part of Australia.

This year's event started at Peterborough, doing a lap of the Flinders Ranges with overnight stops including Bendleby Ranges Station, Rawnsley Park, Wirrealpa, Chambers Gorge, Arkaroola, Mt Freeling Station, Lyndhurst, Farina, Copley, Angorichina Village, Wilpena Pound, Hawker, Warren Gorge and finally Booleroo Centre before returning to the the start of the adventure at Peterborough.

The diminutive tractors travelled around 1500 kilometres at an average speed of 40 kph on their 24-day trek.

In Booleroo Centre they checked out the Steam and Traction display had some lunch and watched some of the old bigger beasts in action. The kindergarten kids welcomed them and adopted a tractor on the day and a good number of locals took the opportunity to check out these little versatile beasts.