Bid to help Mid North residents breath more easily

A new health project based at Peterborough, Jamestown and Orroroo aims to reduce asthma-related emergencies.

Joining forces are Asthma Australia, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation and the Country SA Primary Health Network in a bid to tackle a high rate of asthma incidents.

Asthma Australia chief executive officer Michele Goldman said statistics showed there was a need for urgent attention to asthma management in these areas.

"Asthma prevalence in the Peterborough District Council area is high at 23 per cent last year," she said.

"This is above the state average of 13 per cent which is also higher than the national average.

"In addition, Mid North hospital admissions for asthma are 45 per cent higher than the state average which is the highest in the country."

The team is now looking for three people to join the project as "peer researchers" and other locals living with asthma who want to tell their story. The researchers are casual, paid roles of about 10 days between now and June 2020. Their role will be to interview people to explore, identify and understand what can be done to improve outcomes. Phone 0411 799 078.

If you live in Peterborough, Jamestown, Orroroo or surrounding areas and would like more information or to join the project, call or text Lucy Fraser on 0411 799 078 or

If you are an Aboriginal person living in these areas and would like more information or to join the project, call or text Aunty Vickey Charles on 0422 487 520 or