Blaze victims get $22,000

APPEAL: Katie Ballantyne, of Katie's Hair Boutique in Gladstone, was among the many donors towards the 'mega dip' from around the Mid and Upper North.

APPEAL: Katie Ballantyne, of Katie's Hair Boutique in Gladstone, was among the many donors towards the 'mega dip' from around the Mid and Upper North.

Generosity towards the victims of bushfires throughout South Australia and interstate has come from various means.

Made with Grace owner Jana Rogers, of Gladstone, is just one person who, with other businesses in the Mid and Upper North, has raised thousands of dollars for bushfire victims.

Not knowing where to start, but wanting to help, she approached a few business friends and asked whether they would like to donate an item to an online raffle - known more commonly as a giant "dip".

Once word began to spread, the donations came in thick and fast - mostly from Gladstone, Clare, Port Pirie and Quorn.

"We have had so many businesses willing to help. Everyone just wants to help," Ms Rogers said. With about $5000 in prizes up for grabs, spread across three winners, Ms Rogers hoped the raffle would make the money to cover the donations.

Little did Ms Rogers know it would 'go off' and they had to increase the amount of the total appeal to $20,000.

At $5 a ticket, it didn't take long before the tally of entrants also crept up.

Within just a few hours the "mega dip" had hit its target, raising $22,468.

With more than 4000 dips to number, and thanks to an information technology friend for support to give each entrant an allocated amount of tickets, Ms Rogers said the total was donated to the Red Cross.

But, it won't stop there.

So much support will see another "mega dip" and potentially a third.

With each business that has pledged an item putting their own social media post online, the audience reach throughout South Australia and farther afield was huge.

It is hoped the second mega dip will see the donations given to the Country Fire Service.

"A massive thank you to the donors, without them this would not have been possible. Please check out their pages and send them some love," Ms Rogers said.

Australian Community Media's Senior Journalist at The Islander reported last week that Kangaroo Island "has gone round three in its bushfire battle, sustaining more damage and trauma".

"We may be down, but our farmers, wildlife and tourism operators are definitely not out," he said.

"We lost more farms, stock, wildlife and habitat, as well as tourism infrastructure. The tally is still being counted.

"After three weeks of constant battle, this latest fire challenge was the blaze that almost came to town.

"The townsfolk of Kingscote, including people displaced from the fireground, were traumatised when fine ash began falling just before midnight on Thursday, followed by an ominous glow to the west."

Businesses who have donated:

Lauren Venables - Venables Metalictious by Lauren

Julie Brown - Windchine Melodies

Robyn Durdin - Heart & Knot

Katie Ballantyne - Katie's Hair Boutique

Debra Hunter and Jana Rogers - Made with Grace & MWG Event Hire

Tracey Shelton - Tiny Terrors & Co

Kate Millard- Kate Millard Photography

Keeley Wastell- Scents from the Hive

Amanda Akker - Scentsy

Petina Walsh - OmMade

Chantelle Kendall- Pearl of Beauty

Kate Seidel- Lorraine Lea Linen

Kellie Sims- Kekkii

Rachel Sharp - Little Oak Studio

Kellie Raynor - Fancy Trims by Kellie Raynor

Claire Magliulo-Country Made, Images by Claire

Olivia Sadler- Miss Miley

Jessica Zuckers- J'lees Salon

Karina Manno- 3 Sisters Gifts

Samara Conradi- Snuffle Mats , made by Samara

Christie Lee Simpson- Jimmy Jones

Marley Freer- Pretty Little Bead Boutique

Kylie Talbot- Bodyshop

Ashley Chelsea Haywood- Mrs Mooses Masterly Hookings

Thomas Maywald- Comfort Inn Flinders on Main

Thea Gray-Hobbs - Fleurieu Creations

Sharyn Smith- Car detail

Hannah Conradi I&B designs

Kate Bellman - Resin Art