Kangaroo Island Cup to host charity auction on Saturday at the races

Local girls having fun at the start gates after the 2019 Kangaroo Island Cup.
Local girls having fun at the start gates after the 2019 Kangaroo Island Cup.

A generous donation of flights, accommodation, AFL memberships has blown away Kangaroo Island Cup organisers who will auction off the prizes on race day.

Two return flights to Los Angeles and $2000 worth of LA accommodation have been donated by Virgin Australia and Thomas Foods International.

Additionally, Port Adelaide and Adelaide Crows memberships will be auctioned off - separately of course.

All money from the auction is to be donated to the Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Fund.

Kangaroo Island Racing Club secretary and treasurer Greg Miller said they were amazed when they heard that the auction items had been organised by someone from Northern Queensland.

Danny Sheehan, who runs an events business in Longreach in regional Queensland, put together the auction after hearing about the bushfires that have ravaged much of KI.

"The fact that they've come up with this auction just blew us out of the water," Mr Miller said.

"It just amazes me the response that we've had from people.

"We're only a little old island and we went through hard times, and we're still gonna go through more, but it's just amazing what people have one and the way people have reacted. "

Mr Sheehan has also sold tickets for two chartered planes, one from Adelaide and one from Brisbane, to come to the island - with all profits from the trip also going to the Mayor's Bushfire fund.

Mr Miller said the donation is even more significant given the challenging drought that Longreach has endured for years.

"I've been to Longreach and I know what it was like, I was there about three years ago and I know what that countryside was like," Mr Miller said.

"It was devastated. There was not a blade of grass, there was not an animal roaming the paddocks.

Prior to the auction KI racing club had announced that they will be donating all their profits from the 2019/20 racing season to the Mayor's Bushfire fund.

"The racing club was established in 1883, it has been operating ever since then and we survive with community support," Mr Miller explained.

"Each year it is the single biggest event held on the island.

"We felt that because of the situation with the bushfires that it was the right thing to do; it was the right thing to give back to the community."

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