Professional groomers primp pooches to win $100,000 in Rebel Wilson's Pooch Perfect

The age-old adage in the world of film is "never work with children or animals". Someone forgot to remind Rebel Wilson, who is host of Seven's madcap dog grooming competition Pooch Perfect.

It began with 10 professional dog grooming teams including Marks Point's Wendy and her stepdaughter Nikki.

Fifty-year-old Wendy has been pampering pooches for 30 years. "I got started after I did it for work experience when I was 15, she says. "I wanted to be a vet but I didn't think that was a possibility and I really wanted to work with animals."

After two weeks working alongside a groomer in Parramatta, she was hooked. "I loved the creative side of it."

Wendy grew up with five siblings and no dogs. "All I every wanted was a dog." She eventually opened her own shop in Penrith and has won many awards, including eight 'best in show'.

When she heard of the show's concept she thought "maybe this is the big cherry on the cake".

She had to answer some questions on a video of herself. "The hardest thing is not to say 'um'. My partner thought I must have gone mad when he walked in, he thought I was talking to myself. I had to restart it about 50 times."

A couple of months later, after a few more auditions, she got the call to say she would be one of the teams. Wendy originally asked her daughter, whom she had taught to be a groomer, to come on board, but she is now a photographer and wasn't available.

"So I asked my stepdaughter Nikki to help. I told her she just had to listen to instructions, hold the dog and smile a lot. She has two dogs she calls her daughters."

Happily team Wendy and Nikki made it through the first round without going into elimination, despite the fact they had a dog with stubborn knots that had to be cut out. "I assumed the dogs would have been brushed and ready." Come on Wendy, this is TV, that would have been too easy.