Help to plan a strong future for South Australia's youth

If you are aged between 12 and 30 years of age or a person or organisation who delivers outcomes for young people in the community, then the State Government wants to hear from you.

Feedback is being sought for stage two of the proposed Strong Future Projects of the draft Youth Action Plan.

In stage one a youth panel, which was made up of 24 per cent from regional areas across the state, helped design a three-year plan - Strong Futures SA Youth Action Plan - with other young people and representatives from government and non-government organisations.

The four priority areas include Earn and Learn; Fair and Inclusive; Wellbeing and Environment; and Connect and Grow.

To make a comment or submission people can join an online discussion, complete an online survey or send an email.

The final Youth Action Plan 2020-2022 and a supporting website is due to be launched during SA Youth Week later this month.

Closing date for submissions is 5pm, Monday, April 13.

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