Parts of missing vessel, the Margrel, discovered at Goolwa Beach

Parts of the missing vessel the Margrel, including its wheel and hull, have washed onto a South Australian beach - but the boat's skipper, Tony Higgins, is yet to be found

A boat wheel and part of a cabin were found about 11:30am Friday on Goolwa Beach.

Locals Lee Langmead and Charlie Mantell found the remnants before coming across a piece of wood identifying the vessel farther down the beach.

The Times has obtained footage of the discovery which has been provided to SA Police.

Margrel located. Credit: Lee Langmead and Charlie Mantell.

More debris is being collected and a police spokesperson has since confirmed wreckage believed to be from the Margrel has been found about three kilometres south-east of the Murray Mouth.

Local Police and Water Operations Officers located the bow of the vessel and other debris just before 1pm Friday. The wreckage along with other items believed to be from the boat have been recovered and will be examined.

This follows a three-day rescue effort to locate the Margrel and its skipper Mr Higgins. The search began on Monday.

Mr Higgins who had been anchored off Granite Island, near Victor Harbor, put out a distress call about 5am on Monday amid rough conditions and was reportedly in knee-deep water aboard his vessel.

The search was called off on Thursday after it failed to locate Mr Higgins or the Margrel.

Ships wheel recovered. Credit: Lee Langmead and Charlie Mantell.
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