How well do you know your Aussie slang?

How well do you know your Aussie slang?

We Aussies seem to have a slang word for almost every situation. Whether its blind freddy looking at a boomer in the paddock or a bushranger with Buckleys chance of getting rich.

See if you can guess the correct definitions for the 20 Australianisms listed below.

1 Bag of fruit

2 Drongo

3 Googie

4 Zonked

5 Skerrick

6 Youse

7 Tin lid

8 Paralytic

9 Raffertys rules

10 Lingo

11 Fossick

12 Grouse

13 Flake (out)

14 Dogs breakfast

15 Crikey

16 Bingle

17 Cactus

18 Nong

19 Uey

20 Rager


1. A mans suit 2. A fool or moron 3. An egg 4. Tired 5. A small amount 6. Plural for you 7. Slang for kid 8. Extremely intoxicated 9. No rules at all 10. Language 11. To search for something 12. Very good 13. To collapse, sleep or change plans 14. A mess 15. Surprise 16. Crash or accident 17. Broken or useless 18. Fool or silly person 19. Make a U-turn while driving 20. Person who likes to party

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