Global design trends that Aussies will love

Global design trends that Aussies will positively live for

Australians often look abroad for cues on the styles and designs that'll be influencing our choices in the near future.

Beaumont Tiles recently gathered with industry experts to reveal the new trends that have infiltrated the world of tiles and indeed, interior design in general.

Tactile stone. After the sharp digital shift of 2020, many found themselves in search of balance and longing to be more connected to nature.

Natural stone and marble have an enduring, timeless appeal. It also gives us a grounded connection to the environment.

Biophilic existence. Biophilia talks to a genuine connection with nature. Bringing the natural world into our home through botanical prints is known to promote happiness and healing. Tropical leaf designs on tiles is a playful way of bringing the power of plants into your home.

Mediterranean. The Mediterranean trend has been sweeping the design world and Australia is in love with its light, warm and tonal palette right now.

Patterned decors and stone look in shades of the earth and sun, such as sandy beige, taupe and terracotta are at the heart of this trend.

Neutral foundations. Neutral floors are all about setting the scene for uplifting-coloured accessories. Creamy whites are gaining momentum with the desire to calm, cleanse and purify our homes.

Terrazzo revival. A look into the crystal ball of upcoming design trends for 2022 proves that this look is not going anywhere. Terrazzo has captured our hearts and imaginations, and it's here to stay.

Going linear. Fluting and all things lineal are bringing a modern, unique point of interest to interiors whilst paying tribute to classical architecture.

Keep an eye out for sleek vertical forms taking over interior design and architectural facades this year (see main image).

STYLE 2021: Keep an eye out for vintage and linear tile trends. Photos: Beaumont Tiles.

STYLE 2021: Keep an eye out for vintage and linear tile trends. Photos: Beaumont Tiles.

Beaumont Tiles also reported the following trends as being ones to watch:

Wanderlust. The next step beyond boho style that leans more towards true adventure and global travel traits.

Have fun and be unique; explore exotic cultures. What's on your travel wish list? Let this be your guide. It could be souvenirs from your travels, textiles, or even beautifully framed prints arranged to illustrate your story.

This style is playful and bohemian at heart with exotic handcrafted pieces, metallic embellishments and natural elements such as hides and timber.

Vintage. Everything old is made new again, or using new technologies to give new pieces a vintage look.

Don't ever feel like everything has to match; that's the fun of the vintage styling. Though how to style this with professional prowess is to use colour to unite the look.

Using trending tones from your era of choice allows you to personalise this look in a simple yet striking way. The secret to good vintage styling is to mix new and old together, though the main thing is to make sure it's not overdone.

Farmhouse. Sitting close to country chic, it's cosy, warm-hearted, but a little worn around the edges.

Don't be shy about bringing in interesting objects and market finds, as these personal rustic touches and imperfections when you re-purpose and up-cycle is perfect.

Your colour scheme is about making contrasts, with classic blue, whites, neutrals, and greys, framed with black. They all work well with light or dark rustic furniture.