Flinders vaccination rates Vaccination rates

Vaccination rates: Some areas in the region doing better than others.
Vaccination rates: Some areas in the region doing better than others.

Vaccination rates for the region are currently a mixed bag, with some council areas rating as some of the best in the state, and others are not doing so well.

In data released by the National Department of Health last week have gives a glimpse into how the vaccine rollout is going in local government areas across the nation.

While the Orroroo/Carrieton and Flinders Ranges council areas are above state average in the rollout, Mount Remarkable has fallen behind on the fully vaccinated average.

But the Peterborough District Council area currently has one of the lowest vaccinations in the state, sitting at 44.7 per cent for population with their first dose, and 21.4 per cent fully vaccinated.

The district's fully vaccinated percentage is the second worst in the state.

District Council of Peterborough Mayor Ruth Whittle said the town was behind as it was initially not set up to do vaccines.

"We have had a checkered history with the vaccination rollout," she said.

"Originally we were told that they wouldn't be provided in town and people would have to travel.

"Once we started doing them there was a bit flurry at the start with vaccinations, but then there was a drop off.

"The numbers dwindled, so they told us we are not going to be doing vaccinations anymore."

The Peterborough Hospital was originally helping with the vaccination rollout but stopped in August.

The local Peterborough Pharmacy is now providing the community with AstraZeneca vaccinations.

SA health indicated that Pfizer vaccinations will commence at Peterborough within the fortnight, with bookings opening soon.

State Average:

  • 56.9 per cent first dose
  • 37.5 per cent fully vaccinated

Flinders Ranges

  • 66.7 per cent first dose
  • 44.8 per cent fully vaccinated


  • 75.5 per cent first dose
  • 45.5 per cent fully vaccinated

Mount Remarkable

  • 57.4 per cent first dose
  • 31.8 per cent fully vaccinated


  • 44.7 per cent first dose
  • 21.4 per cent fully vaccinated

Details: For information on vaccines, eligibility details, where to get vaccinated or to make a booking for a vaccination visit the SA Health website on www.sahealth.sa.gov.au